Debut Release with OffSuit:
11th December 2013

A little about MYK.

myk. is an up and coming producer from Manchester, U.K, currently residing in Leeds. He first started to dabble with production at the age of 15 but moved into the electronic scene in 2011. Before this switch of scene he had always enjoyed composing piano pieces which you could say was the catalyst for him to take up electronic music production; he got his hands on a Macbook and a copy of Logic and now here he is.

Inspiration for his work stems from numerous artists he loves to listen to, he likes to go out and see his favourite artists perform and takes a lot of inspiration from the music they play. His university community also plays a large part in inspiring new tunes as he is being shown new music all the time, further influencing his work. Sometimes while producing myk. admits to beat boxing his drum patterns before he adds them to a track, he says, "It helps me know what the beat would sound like before I add it to the track." While he is not producing myk. enjoys listening to various tunes, DJing and collecting vinyl.