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Debut Release with OffSuit:
15th April 2014

A little about deeB

deeB is an up and coming electronic music producer from the Netherlands. He has been developing his sound for 10 years, experimenting in genres such as drum and bass, jungle, garage as well as instrumental hip hop. While listening to Boards of Canada during detention class and attending a lot of drum and bass/jungle parties, deeB decided to start creating music when his friend Banda gave him a copy of FL Studio. His goal at the time was to DJ and push his own drum and bass tracks. deeB's inspiration stems from a few different areas, sights in nature, cities and landscapes, plus he lives only a few meters away from where Rembrandt van Rijn learnt his skills. Inspiration for deeB also comes from movies, documentaries, books, people and other music. Besides producing, deeB enjoys running Phonophanatic. Phonophantic are a small collective of signed and unsigned beat makers founded in 2004. They release a 3-4 monthly beat compilation series called Boxbeats which features numerous different beat makers worldwide. They have also started putting together free full digital releases from newer artists.